Sri Maju Bus

Sri Maju Group was founded in 1978 by directors Dato Yeoh Kian Teik, Mr. Ng Yot Chew and Madam Loh Yin Mooi in Perak, Malaysia. It has since become one of the largest bus operators in Malaysia with over 500 departure routes on a daily basis in both Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. We have managed to capture the hearts of many and is easily one of the most recognized bus operators around to help you get to your destinations with ease. Right now, we have made it even more convenient for you to purchase your Sri Maju bus tickets online through our website.

As a bus operator, Sri Maju wants you to have the best experience when riding with our buses no matter where you may be heading to.We always make sureour punctuality is important for both our pick-up and drop-off time. Safety also plays an important role in our services, which is why we have been able to receive so many positive responses from the passengers over the years. On top of that, it is important that Sri Maju Express comes with roomy seats and cooling air-conditioning systems on both single and double decker for a pleasurable experience.

There are 128 Sri Maju buses travelling in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, with 14 direct branches and 10 agents selling the bus tickets for your convenience. Sri Maju Group makes sure we know what travelers need by constantly try to improve on route coverages to accommodate to all travelers. Internally, we make sure the coaches are well- maintained, staff and crew members are trained to serve a friendly face for you, plus in-house support system in order to have a good infrastructure within the company. This way, you know you can be assured that Sri Maju will deliver the best services when it comes to travelling by bus.

To give you a wide coverage of routes, Sri Maju Express travels on PLUS Highway, Federal Road, Woodlands Causeway and TUAS Causeway. Our buses include the regular 36-seaters, or the 25-seaters if you would like more room with less people. There is also the high decker of 21-seaters called Mega Luxurious buses for those who want a little bit more extra during long journeys – this comes with personal TV screens and individual entertainment system that includes the best movies and music.

Whether you are looking for an express bus, charter services or even tour packages to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, come look for us and we will help you do the rest. Staying true to Sri Maju Group’s motto “Safety, Reliability & Quality,” it is our absolute pleasure to provide you with the best service and at affordable fares. This means everyone can travel now, so book your Sri Maju bus ticket easily through our website now.