Frequently Asked Question
  1. What are the different coach types?

    The different coach types are as follows:

    First Class - 21 seats High deck , 3 seats in a single row air - con coach. Each seat is equipped with LCD TV , seat belts, broadcast video system where passengers can choose the latest movies and music.

    Business class - luxurious 25 seats , 3 seat in a single row air-con coach.

    Normal: 36 seats or 44 seats , 4 seats in a single row air-con coach. This coach is for inter - city travel in Malaysia. i.e. from ipoh to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh to Penang, Lumut to Butterworth and other short distance travel and bus charter services in Malaysia.

  2. What is the luggage restrictions on board the coaches?

    Baggage not exceeding 10 kg per passenger. The size is limited to 55cm x 35cm x 25 cm for all coach types. We reserve the right to refuse any luggage beyond.

  3. Do i need a Visa?

    Malaysian and Singaporean do not need to have a visa for entry into Singapore or Malaysia.

  4. Can I travel on the coach if I am getting visa on arrival?

    No. You are not allowed to travel on our coach if you do not have the relevant travel documents beforehand.

  5. Can the coach wait for me if I turn up late?

    Our coaches leave on time and cannot wait at the expense of other passengers. Please be at our departure office at least 15 minutes before departure. For tickets purchased on - line or confirmation by phone , you are required to be at our office at least 30 minutes before departure time.

  6. Can I get a refund for cancellations?

    No cancellation or refund is allowed. You are only to allow amend the departure date by fulfilling the criteria as below: The change of coach tickets is allowed only at least 3 working days before the departure by email in to aneka@srimaju.com (Our working days are Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm (both are GMT +8)). If less than 3 working days need go to the counter ask for amendment. If ticket price higher need to top up, the amendment impose small fees, changes as to date or time can only be done ONCE. However, by no means, the change request will be successful each time it depends to the schedules availability.

  7. How can I get a coach ticket after booking a seat online?

    After buying online at www.srimaju.com you always can login to the membership page => view booking history =>select departure date, click invoice to print it out and 30 minutes before departure go to the pick-up point counter redeem the boarding pass.

  8. Can I give the ticket to my friend?

    Yes, you can do so. But you need to change the passenger's details to the one who is boarding the coach. You may log in to membership => View Booking History =>choose the departure date => click Edit to change the passenger's details.

  9. What is your service centers full address & contact numbers?

    Pls contact us here.